Communicable Disease

OneHealth Communicable Disease Program

Surveillance can be defined as ongoing systematic collection, collation, analysis and interpretation of data and the dissemination of information to those who need to know in order that action may be taken. Effective Communicable disease control efforts rely on an effective surveillance and response system that promotes collaboration, coordination and communication among public health and clinical professionals.

Communicable Disease Control and Prevention is a core public health function and includes: communicable disease surveillance, investigation and consultation; regulatory public health activities; coordination of prevention and treatment; education; training; and policy development.

Communicable Disease Control and Prevention is carried out by the following activities:

  • Collecting and reporting communicable disease information.
  • Investigating outbreaks and coordinating information exchange for disease control.
  • Evaluating the distribution and cause of communicable disease.
  • Providing 24/7 availability of a Public Health Nurse for Communicable Disease Control

Local Diseases Reporting Source:

210 South Winchester
Miles City, Montana 59301
PH: 406-874-8700 FAX: 406-874-3459

After Hours Reporting call 874-8700 and ask for the Public Health Nurse on call